Asset Mix of Investable Funds

Having seen the asset mix of four insurance companies’ Participating Funds, I looked at mine to see what mine is like.

Asset Mix Percentages
Equities 25.2
Fixed Income/Bonds 28.4
Forex related investments 7.8
Insurance related investments 9.6
Cash & Equivalent 29.0

Where there are exposures to foreign currency risks, I placed these investments in a separate category – Forex related investments.

Equity investment is 25.2%. Fixed income/bonds takes up 28.4%, slightly more than equities. I limited my exposure to foreign currency investments at just 7.8%. Insurance related investments are 9.6% of total. These are endowment plans.

In this very uncertain economic climate, I did not put more money into investments. The cash, fixed deposits and structured deposits (with 2 local banks) portion is 29.0%.

In this way, my exposure to investment risks is spread out in a portfolio manner.

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