Brexit or Bremain?

Today is the day when Britain votes to remain (Bremain) or to exit (Brexit) from the European Union (EU).

Finally, it is here after months of unnerving uncertainty. The financial markets were affected leading up to today. Whatever the final result, the financial markets will adjust to a new equilibrium before a next big event comes along to disrupt it. As long as you are investing, you have to live with these uncertain events. Investment portfolio goes up or down depending on how lucky you are in anticipating a future event.

By now, big time investors and financial institutions would have done a scenario analysis and decided on Plan A or Plan B depending on Brexit or Bremain happening.

In my case, I looked at my portfolio. I have no investment in Sterling Pound. I have some minor exposure in European stocks. My only concern is how the global economic growth is going to be impacted as a result of Brexit. I am also more worried about Singapore and Asian economic growth this year and next since I am heavily invested in Singapore and the Asian-Australian region.

My only hope is that Bremain is the result with some form of status quo.

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