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Watch out for Debt-to-Equity Ratio of companies

We hear of news of companies were defaulting on their borrowings in recent times. This can affect share prices. To protect from this happening, it is advisable to know the Debt-to-Equity (D/E) ratios of companies. It makes sense to go … Continue reading

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2016 Quarter 2 Financial Results (1)

Companies were reporting their quarterly financial results for the quarter ended 30 June 2016. The following table provides information on net profit attributable to shareholders for the quarter and year-on-year change between 2016 against 2015. Dividend column shows dividend declared … Continue reading

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Silver Support Scheme and its impact

An elderly woman came and sat beside me at a UOB Branch this morning. She said that she had bad eyesight and asked me how much was the balance in her passbook. When I mentioned $302, she was disappointed. She … Continue reading

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Parenting: Have we done enough?

We are seeing our daughter growing up before our eyes, all twenty six years of it from the time we first held her in our arms and now travelling with her younger cousin without our presence. They are now in … Continue reading

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Using Price Earning ratio, Dividend Yield as means to select stock

Three ratios are often used to determine stock valuation, namely Price Earning ratio (PE), Dividend Yield, and Price-to-Book ratio (P/B). Back in 2013, I wrote a blog piece covering this subject matter (dated 16 October 2013). The following table was … Continue reading

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Chasing for yields

Credit costs have come down globally in this slow-growth economic climate. Most central banks are lowering their benchmark interest rates. Some central banks have reduced interest rates to negative, notably Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark. The Fed is holding interest … Continue reading

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Cutting exposure to European equities (including UK equities)

With the uncertainties in Brexit (UK leaving European Union), I took action and sold my unit trust in JPMorgan – Europe Dynamic Fund A(ACC) SGD-H. The fund was purchased a year before Brexit on 11 July 2015. I did not … Continue reading

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New PSLE Scoring System – It’s about choices to make

Instead of T Score, Achievement Levels (AL) from 1 to 8 will be the new scoring system. To start, this new grading system is easier to understand. It is closer to grading system of examination systems starting from “O” Level … Continue reading

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Keep Aging and Illness at Bay

You will know that you are aging when your body is no longer the same as the one some 40 years ago. I could run up the steep Peng Kang Hill1 during my National Service days. Now walking up steep … Continue reading

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“Being Mortal – Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End” by Atul Gawande – A Book Review

We all have limited lifespan. One day we have to face death. We may not want to talk about it as it is depressing. But this is important when we live long enough into retirement. It can be part of … Continue reading

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