Keep Aging and Illness at Bay

You will know that you are aging when your body is no longer the same as the one some 40 years ago. I could run up the steep Peng Kang Hill1 during my National Service days. Now walking up steep slopes and staircases can be painful at the knees.

Though our body is not a machine, our body is subjected to “wear-and-tear” and has a finite life-span. Medical science and technology has not found a way to let us live forever. Our demise could be caused by our actions or could not be explained with our logical minds. Some examples of causes by our actions are drinking liquor excessively, overdose on drugs. In the case of unexplained causes, some people simply fall apart when it is time to go. Some may have a longer life-span and while others have shorter ones.

Looking at the controllable aspects of aging and premature death, we can do something to give us more years. Let me start by saying that I am not a medical expert and the following are some of my ideas to keep us alive longer.

  1. Reduce stress, stress causes havoc to body and mind
  2. Breathe fresh clean air and connect with nature
  3. Eat moderately and healthily
  4. Keep our body clean to keep infections at bay
  5. Have sufficient sleep every night. Repairs to body parts happen during sleep.
  6. Reduce intake of intoxicants. In my case I abstain from liquor.
  7. Appropriate exercise to tone muscles and strengthen bones
  8. Be mindful of each moment. This can reduce accidents and hurting oneself.
  9. Have good mental health by cultivating wholesome thoughts
  10. Help the less fortunate with some charitable work. It gives us purpose.
  11. Maintain cordial relationships with people
  12. Keep to your chosen spiritual path

Finally, be happy.

I am sure everyone has their own ideas of good living. I am just sharing mine.

1Peng Kang Hill is a steep hill at Pasir Lebar SAFTI camp. Officers used to punish us for slacking by ordering us to run up the hill.

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2 Responses to Keep Aging and Illness at Bay

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  2. FL says:

    On your comments about charging up the Peng Kang Hill, I believe only those NS guys who are selected for NCO (section leaders) and OCT (Officer cadets) courses in SAFTI would have this experience or torture if like to call it. I was there for NCO course in 1971. Hence, I think not all NS guys have experienced the Peng Kang Hill. I left NS many years ago and hence, not so sure now.. Correct me if I am wrong.

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