Parenting: Have we done enough?

We are seeing our daughter growing up before our eyes, all twenty six years of it from the time we first held her in our arms and now travelling with her younger cousin without our presence. They are now in Estonia having spent time in Helsinki in the past week. We play no part in the planning of this trip.

I sometimes asked myself, have we done enough as parents? Have we been too hands-on? Have we taught her well?

Whatever we do in parenting boils down to one thing: Your child can be independent and live her own life uprightly with a good sense of moral values.

To live life independently, one must have the training and skills to earn a living. It needs not be big bucks but a career that she can be happy to be in. Managing money is also an important skill set. I advocate that young ones be exposed to financial planning as early as possible and not to wait until nearing retirement. When one is self-reliant, you can live independently without the worries.

Another aspect of living happily is to have a sense of empathy and generosity. Lending a helping hand, however small, brings joy to the hearts. It can change a mundane life to one of great purpose.   

Have we done enough? Parenting is to set examples. A child follows our examples. If we say one thing and do the exact opposite, she can see though it. And finally, let go at the right time for her to lead her own life. We can’t be with her forever.

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