National Day 2016 – A different routine from the past

August 9 started differently for my wife and I this year. It is a public holiday on a Tuesday. Instead of having a lazy morning, we were collecting packet foods at TOUCH’s Home Care Centre as early as 9 am. For three months we had been doing food delivery to recipients in the TOUCH’s Meals-on-Wheels programme. We did this every Tuesday morning and moving around 17 to19 HDB blocks with 26 to 30 recipients. This morning is no exception. We usually finish the run in 2 hours time so that they can have their meals when the food is still warm.

Because today is National Day, more people were out and about than other Tuesdays. It felt different. I got to see more food recipients whom I normally do not get to see. Most do not open their doors to accept the food. In these cases, I would just hang the food on the gates to their homes. When they did open their doors, they were always appreciative that we were volunteering our time. It is a good cause knowing that these people get to settle their next meals.

If we can do something meaningful for our fellow citizens, why not seize the opportunity. We are already fortunate we do not go hungry in Singapore, I think we can help others less fortunate in our society in whatever ways we can. Generosity of hearts is happiness and it is rewarding.

Happy National Day!

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