“Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani – Thoughts on the book

Anita Moorjani wrote her experience on her journey from cancer to near death and to true healing. It was her near-death experience (NDE) that caught my interest and when she woke up from coma at end-stage of cancer and went on to heal her cancer completely, it was too miraculous not to read this book.

I had read some accounts of near-death experiences of others before and it intrigues me. What is it like? Anita has tried to put into words her NDE. Like she said, words are limited to explain what we she went through, especially when we are in this physical body with its senses (such as seeing, smelling, etc) that are not suited to understand the intermediate state of consciousness before return to this physical body.

As I understand what she wrote, dying is not to be feared. We leave our sickly body behind for our next destination that frees us from the burden. That can be good when it is time to go. I leave readers to read her detailed account of NDE. Anita does not attempt to relate her experience with any religious linkage. It is pure narration of how she felt in that state.

I am particularly interested to know why her cancer healed when before NDE she was at end-stage of her cancer and doctors were saying that her organs were shutting down during coma. Is there something we can learn from her experience to live life healthily and to ward off any serious illness like cancer? This is a good take-away from her book and to me is also a reminder to love yourself unconditionally and completely.

Many times, we wreck our bodies through abuse and neglect. We do not “listen” to our bodies until we are hit with a serious illness. We live our lives in fear and living under the expectations of others – expectations of our family members, our friends, our workplace colleagues and our society. We just want to please everyone EXCEPT ourselves. That is the root problem for our misery. We have to start loving ourselves FIRST before we can start loving others. And when sickness occurs, let it comes and deal with it in the present moment as best as you can. As for emotions we feel every single moment, there is no need to stop them or suppress them if they are negative. Just be aware and note it and then let it go.

As the author had noted, individual life has its magnificence that lies within you. Be awaken to this and appreciate we are all interconnected and we have our own place at the centre of this universe.

This is a good book to read to live life well. Her website: http://www.anitamoorjani.comFile_000


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