Calculating actual dividend yield on each security bought

Investment in counters listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (shares, REITS, and fixed income) had declined. These securities still offer dividends or coupons each year. It would be informative to know what is the ACTUAL dividend yield based on cost of purchase.

I tracked actual dividend received each year by security counter. I have the actual cost of purchasing a security. With these two numbers, I can calculate the actual dividend yield based on my investments. Below are some of investments held since 2015.

Counter 2015 Yield % 2016 Yield %
Singtel 3.77% 4.33%
SPH Reit 5.78% 4.32%
M1 3.85% 4.15%
OCBC 3.48% 3.48%
Keppel Corp 4.87% 3.04%
STI ETF 2.99% 2.86%

Note: Dividend was tracked to 18 August 2016 in 2016 column.

STI ETF returned 2.86% for this year. Keppel Corp still got me 3.04% at my cost of purchase. Not too bad.

At this kind of return, I am inclined to hold on to these securities.

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2 Responses to Calculating actual dividend yield on each security bought

  1. Will says:

    Looking at STI ETF as an investment and is wondering if your investment in ETF is purchase through the market like any other stock or via Banks/Brokerages (small monthly purchase) that some other blogs had mentioned.

    Any comments on the difference/preference between the 2 method?

    • limkimtong says:

      I bought STI ETF from Singapore Exchange.

      Putting aside a fixed sum every month in a Regular Savings Plan is a good idea for people who want to save and be exposed to equities as investments.

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