Pushy Sales Representatives

I was always avoiding representatives of banks and insurance companies crowding the entrance/exit to MRT stations and Bus Terminals. My journey to these places was interrupted with their persistence in seeking my attention. It was annoying and it was hard to be polite in turning them down. Even when I averted my eyes, they did not get my hint.

I do not think I am the only one who is not interested. Using this sales tactic is not effective in achieving their objectives. I would like to be proved wrong by these organisations. Does the costs justify the benefits?

There are other clever ways to sell their products or to make known their new products or services. It can be by means of creative prominent sales posters and an information kiosk that can catch the attention of commuters. There is no need to station their representatives all over the places that can impede the commuters. This way less representatives need be deployed with cost savings.

A pushy sales representative is a turn-off for me. The commuters deserve the respect for their private spaces. The image of the organisation suffers with pushy personnel. That is counter-productive and not worth the effort for increased sales.

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