Era of great changes in Computing and Info-Communication

I belong to the Baby Boomers. This generation went through tremendous changes in computing and info-communication. When I was in JC, Hewlett-Packard electronic calculator was a desirable gadget to own. It had computing power. Back then, I could not afford one.

When in the university, we used punch cards to code our programs based on COBOL programming language. When I started work, IBM mainframe was used by big organisations.

From Mainframe to networked personal computers

After mainframe computer, minicomputers came into being. Then personal computers (PC) were networked together to become common computer configuration of offices. I remember there were clones to IBM PC. I could not afford the genuine IBM PC, so I turned to Funan Centre to get IBM clones.  

Wireless computing

PCs were desktop version and laptops/notebooks replaced these desktop ones in our work places. The current technology is wireless mobile computing power such as iPads and mobile phones.

Storage media

Data storage media started with magnetic tapes. With PC, the storage media moved from 5 ¼” floppy disk to 3 ½ “ disk. After flash storage (thumbdrive), storage in the clouds (as in cloud computing) became the latest storage media.


I remember learning WordStar and WordPerfect for DOS. After mastering the keystrokes and use of Function keys, Control Keys, I was forced to learn a newer word processing package in Microsoft Word. This Microsoft Office is ubiquitous but freeware such as Google Docs is now available from the cloud.

Mobile computing

Our lives took a quantum leap in recent years with mobile computing. The mobile smart phones pack so much power that you are carrying a PC on your hand. We have to learn new ways of harnessing the powers of the many Apps on a single phone. Life has become easier but it has also make our lives move faster. Is this a good thing?

As I said earlier, my generation underwent so much disruptions in technology. Each time, we had to learn new skills to cope with these changes. At the end of the day, I have to decide what new technology I want to fully embrace and what technology I choose to ignore. I am not the one to be excited with mobile games applications. The latest Pokemon Go is one example I have decided to let go. I cannot be chasing every new application or newer mobile devices. These things are no longer important in my current state of my life.

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