“Cometh the Hour” by Jeffrey Archer – A Book Review

This is Volume 6 of the Clifton Chronicles. After reading Jeffrey Archer’s “Only Time Will Tell” in 2011, I did not stop. I followed the story of Clifton’s and Barrington’s families from 1920s, the era when Harry Clifton and Emma Barrington were born. In “Cometh the Hour”, I was brought back to 1970s that was familiar to me. With every volume, Jeffrey Archer ended the book at a cliff-hanger. I then waited for another year to know how it would end. In “Cometh the Hour”, I can see that the author is slowly trying to wrap up the story with resolutions of most life incidents including the one that happened at the beginning of the story. The next volume, Volume 7, will be the last.

“Cometh the Hour” has the usual villains and undesirables who were out to cause the downfall of Harry, Emma and Giles Barrington. The annoying Lady Virginia Fenwick, the first wife of Giles, was up to her trickeries to bring down the two families. She is not to go away for sure and she will come back to exact revenge on anyone that comes into her path.

What I always like about Jeffrey Archer’s stories is his skills in writing up a court battle. The prosecution and defence lawyers and the twists in the proceedings made for enjoyable reading.

“Cometh the Hour” was an easy read. Even it is 512 pages long in paperback version, I did not feel it was that long. Credit to the author for making it a page-turner for me.file_000

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