Politics and Share Price Movement

Who will win the Presidential election of the United States of America? Trump or Hillary? When polls show Donald Trump is closing the gap with Hillary Clinton in recent days, the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined. A potential win by Donald Trump seems to cause the jitter among investors and fund managers. Politics has impact on how share prices move.

I ask myself if this is logical. The election result is a future event. Why are we so fixated with future event with its uncertainty? For one, Trump may not win. If Trump did win, his actual policies may or may not be the same as the ones spoken during the election campaign.

We are not living in the present by projecting into the future. It becomes speculative to project into the future. There will be too many permutations on game plans with each possible scenario. This is too tiring and not profitable use of our mental energies.

For me, I treat these as “noise” to investing. I would spend my time on taking actions when the actual event happens. Whether Trump or Hillary wins, I would just wait for the result on 8 November. I am not going to speculate.

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