Let’s talk about Customer Service – UOB

The Counter Service is the contact point between the banking teller and the customer. The banking teller represents the face of the bank and if there is unhappiness in the brief encounter can hurt the bank. As customers, we can tell what is a great customer service and what can turn a customer off. We can also tell when the bank does service recovery if the banking staff is perceptive enough to recover from an unpleasant situation.

Let me relate a personal experience that happened this morning at the UOB Toa Payoh Branch.

I got to the branch at 9.15 am to queue to get in when the branch opened at 9.30 am. I know that Monday mornings are especially crowded and therefore went early this morning before the branch opened. I got a queue ticket number for corporate accounts instead of the personal account’s queue number. I was told previously by a bank teller that corporate account queue would be faster since I was banking cash with a corporate account number. So I got 6001 queue ticket for corporate account queue. This is the first ticket for the corporate queue.

When I saw ticket 6001 flashed at Counter 1 (also the priority queue counter), someone moved forward to the counter to be served. So I let this person be served first since the counter staff was accepting him. After the customer was served, I moved forward to the counter with the queue ticket. This was when the whole customer service problem started and got out of hand. The Counter 1 staff A said that my number 6001 had not been called and asked me to move to Counter 8 to enquire. Which I did. Because this counter 8 was also handling GST Voucher encashment this morning, the Counter Staff B said she was handling GST Vouchers and told me to wait for my number to be displayed. This cannot be since the personal account queue was moving and my number 1 corporate account queue was still not being served. When I mentioned that her colleague told me before that corporate queue would be faster than the personal account queue. She said this was not the case and still asked me to wait for my queue number to be displayed or to approach the queue ticket issuer counter staff at the entrance to the bank to resolve my issue. Which I did. The female staff without establishing my problem jumped to conclusion that I had missed my number 6001 and gave me a new number 6004. But I had not left the banking hall all this time and yet I had to wait again with a new queue number 6004. That was frustrating! When I was finally served, it was the same Counter 8 staff serving me. Yes the same counter that also handled GST Vouchers. To her credit, she kept saying sorry to me. But what is the use when the underlying problem with the bank queuing system was not resolved? There was no appeasement for me.

No one in the bank could give me a satisfactory resolution. I was pushed from one point to another to another. Was it Counter 1, Counter 8 or Queue Ticket issuing reception area or the queuing system processes that was at fault in the failed customer delivery?

I wrote this piece with a view of feedback to UOB with regard to customer service matter. Hopefully no one would endure the same issue as me and the UOB queuing system processes can be strengthened.

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