US Presidential Election result was unexpected

It was déjà vu. I watched the Brexit voting results on Channel NewsAsia some months back and I did the same with the current US Presidential election results today. Both ended with a completely different outcome as predicted by political observers and news media.

Donald Trump of the Republican Party won the Presidential race. The financial markets are not taking this news well. Gold price shot up 2% to US$1,299. The Straits Times Index lost 1.02% to 2,790 points. The US dollar lost 1.6% against Japanese Yen at 103.45 (as at 4.55pm).

I did not expect Donald Trump to win the election. Up to yesterday, the financial markets were factoring in a Hillary Clinton’s win. Such is the nature of politics. You would not know until the final results are announced.

Now that Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States, what are we to do? This is a future question. Wait and see what are the policy changes when the time comes. I can only hope that the world would be a better place when Trump takes office.

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1 Response to US Presidential Election result was unexpected

  1. tacomob says:

    Maybe you should stop watching these kind of elections live from now onwards. Who knows, maybe you are the cause for those surprising outcomes. But then correlation is not causation, right?
    Just kidding.

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