Mindfulness Retreat without the distractions

I spent four days of last week without my smart phone. I surrendered it at a retreat centre in China. I was cut off from daily news either in print or on-line and I had no access to social media platforms such as Facebook (FB), Instagram and Whatsapp.

Effectively, I was cut-off from the mundane aspects of my life. There was no exposure to politics, social news, stock prices and financial markets. There was no contact with family members. I had only me for company.

During this retreat, the objects of silent observation were your mind and body. Aware of your mind includes knowing your thoughts, feelings, emotions and all body sensations. To help us in this practice and to build concentration, all external distractions was minimized.

I learned to be in the present moment. Numerous thoughts were noted and set aside and I got back to what I was doing at the moment. In our daily lives, we tend to multi-task and sometimes we just vaguely know what had happened.

To fill up gaps of free time, we checked our cell phones for the latest postings on social media platform. We checked them several times in a day. The retreat allowed me to be “detoxed” from these unproductive habits. Well, I have started to cutback on using the social media. It is refreshing to stop chasing for stimulations of the mind, liking every posting on FB and Instagram.

Keep our minds wholesome and uncluttered for the more important aspects of our lives. Live in the moment.

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