A sense of justice disturbs peace of mind

I was brought up to differentiate what is right or what is wrong. I have expectations of what is righteousness. I want justice to prevail to curtail wrongful act. I was never happy when I was bullied into acceptance of a point of view that is not in accordance with my sense of justice. I am certainly not going to tolerate when someone takes advantage of me.

Let me share some examples.

I can never understand why people leave an empty Red Bull can at the lift landing. It bothered me that someone just leaves an empty potato chip bag at the poolside when a dustbin is nearby within sight.

As I read the politics of governments in the newspapers, it often gets onto my nerves. Why must a country bully another country? Why are innocent people suffering because of war? Some government policies were not well crafted as to discriminate a particular class of citizens.

A recent example was one of taking advantage of a free-lance designer. Just because the designer is young with just few years of working experience, that does not give the client the right to cheat on her. There was no written contract or documented agreement (clearly the client avoided this) and she relied on good faith for the client to honour his part of the verbal agreement. The designer executed the work and delivered the product. But no payment was forthcoming. Mind you, this client is an established name in the industry. How is one to know that he is going to cheat?

In the last example, she has decided to move on and not to waste energy in pursuing the matter.

Having a strong sense of justice is tiring and a waste of energy trying to right things that were wrong. I have learned to let these pass and not to get disturbed by them. A peace of mind is more important than getting agitated. I will simply note them in the future and not to dwell in them.

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