“The Art of Stillness – Adventures in Going Nowhere” by Pico Iyer – A Book Review

As a travel writer, Pico Iyer was good at documenting his travel experiences. I read his “The Lady and the Monk – Four seasons in Kyoto” and enjoyed it. He stopped travelling to a physical location but recommended going Nowhere in this book, “The Art of Stillness”.

In this age where speed was the norm, one can lose oneself to a highly stressed lifestyle. Many cannot afford the time to take a breather as one copes to catch up. This is an irony. Technology is to help to make our lives better. Instead we are immersed in it so as to keep up.

Have we got the courage to stop everything and move into stillness? The author gave compelling reasons with evidence of benefits to keep still.

We need not go anywhere to get away from the stress of modern living. One needs to go deeper inside and to be with oneself. Before reading this book, I have been going to retreats every year to get away from a life of speed and just to be with myself. In stillness, you know more of yourself and feeling energised. You can be a better person with a calm mind and a check of distracting emotions.file_000

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