I was miserable for the past few days. My left ear had this buzzing noise and I could not hear clearly with this ear. Hearing from only the right ear was not something I could get used to. I had to turn my head to hear properly. Some two years back, I had the same problem with the same ear.

I have this earwax buildup inside the ear canal. It had hardened and covered the ear hole completely. This caused pressure to build up inside and it was uncomfortable. Through this, I understand how the partially deaf or people who are hard of hearing feel. You began to appreciate the importance of hearing in your daily activities. Talking to people, driving the car, viewing TV programmes, all become difficult. You may look perfectly alright outwardly but little would people know that you had lost the sense of hearing. It is an important faculty like the eyes.

I thought I had learned my lessons some two years back. I did not use cotton buds to clean my ears. This is something the doctor will advise against. Earwax is a natural phenomena and our movement of jaws (like eating) would be sufficient to cleanse the earwax. So why the problem again?

This happened after I returned from my trip to China. During the nine days, the weather temperature was 4-6 degrees Celsius on average. I did not hydrate enough and my skin was very dry and flaky when I came back home last week. My earwax must have hardened.

When my left ear felt stuck, I thought I was losing my hearing. Luckily, my doctor did not think too much about it. She prescribed eardrops to soften the wax. Over two days and this morning the earwax opened up a hole for me to hear sounds again. I woke up to this morning to the sound of birds and traffic noise. I never felt better and was less irritated with the traffic noise. I can hear again!

Being miserable and at times depressed was a clear negative emotion. For me, I decided to get along the days and nights as normally as possible. I would do the daily routines to get my mind off the matter. I kept my appointments with people. I continued to watch TV programmes at night. It helped a lot. My last advice: go and see a doctor earlier when the problem surfaced.

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