“Don’t push my button”

I still have anger in me. I thought I could remain calm in face of provocations and unreasonable behaviours. I know anger raises my heartbeats, and blood gushes to my head. It is not good for my heart and my well-being. Yet I cannot control the urge to raise my voice and to give a nasty look. I felt hot and flustered.

I have my pet peeves. I hate some government policies and actions, like the one with regard to raising public car park charges and not ensuring sufficient coupons for sale.

I hate an independent survey company asking about how your bank relationship manager (RM) was doing on her job. It was sneaky and not fair to the RM. Why must the bank do it?

I hate driver who toots his car horn behind you at the traffic junction. Why the rush, the light just turned green?

Anger serves no useful purpose in our lives. It is going to be long journey before I can remain unaffected in face of provocations. I can look inward at myself each time someone pushes my button. The problem does not lie outside me. The external factor is there to test me how I react to the situation. I have a choice, to be angry or to remain unaffected.

The reason for being angry is because I am self-centred and only think of myself as the most important person on earth. If I could shake this notion of self-importance, then I could forgive the other party or the unpleasant situation. To help in stopping from getting angry, we could take a pause of few seconds before reacting. These few seconds could do wonder to stop us from flying off the handle. Check your feeling in these few seconds and not to react yet.

I hope in time to come, I could work on compassion more instead of aggression and competition and reduce the self-centredness in me!

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