2017 – Surviving the turbulence

2016 as it turns out is a year of upsets. Two major incidents were:

  1. United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union with votes of 51.9% in June (Brexit).
  2. Donald Trump of the Republican Party won the Presidential race against Hillary Clinton in November.

2016 will end with uncertainties moving into 2017.

  1. The interest rate hike in December by US Federal Reserve (Fed) is causing concerns with investors globally.
  2. US under President-elect Donald Trump could be embroiled in diplomatic row with China. There is risk of armed confrontation should one country make a wrong move.
  3. Brexit is a great unknown for the European economies.
  4. Oil prices may continue to be low in 2017.
  5. The rise of Russia in world politics such as the one in Syria is gaining momentum.
  6. Several nations are turning nationalistic and their citizens are against opening their borders and markets to other countries.

Welcome to a new world that is breaking the status quo. It is normal to worry about how the future is going to be like. If not managed well enough, this can lead to anxieties and depressions.

Coping strategy
All phenomena are impermanent. Bad events would not last forever. Uncertain events may not happen and if they do happen, the outcome is still unknown. To predict the future with pinpoint accuracy is not a science. No one can. So why worry now about the future?

For me, Now is the most important. Living in the present is my coping strategy. Live this very moment, live this very second. Any thought that stray into the future, note the thought and bring it back to the present moment. If we can lead a wholesome and moral life and be kind to yourself and others in this moment, this is what we can do to alleviate the worries and anxieties.

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