“Freeing our hearts and minds”

In this joyous season and with the start of a New Year very soon, may all find peace and compassion in your hearts.

How many times can you forgive someone? The answer is: One More Time. Forgiveness softens your heart to accept someone for their past mistakes or flaws and it reduces anger in you.

What is more important than scoring well in examinations? Singapore students came up tops in Mathematics and Science in the latest testing -Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (Timss). IQ though important, Emotional Quotient (EQ) is equally important. Kids need to have social network to grow up normally in the society. Play and socialising are an important aspect of growing up. Innovation is also critical in our society and this can be achieved by connections and collaborations amongst individuals. Hopefully, parents do not pressure kids to excel in academic results. There are more to life than doing well in examinations.

When is a person successful? Material wealth and fame do not mean that you are successful. Only when you are happy, it means that you are successful.

What is freedom? If one is in a place he rather not be, then he loses his freedom. You can be free if you choose to be where you are, even it is not the most inhabitable place for some. It is the same with choices in life. If you choose at own free will, freedom comes with it.

Heard recently at a public talk by Ajahn Brahm and sharing my impressions of it. Talk was held on 22 December 2016.

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