“Show Me the Money Book 4” by Teh Hooi Ling – A Book Review

I read all four volumes of “Show Me the Money” written by Teh Hooi Ling. Book 4 is on Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets.

The book covers articles written up to August 2013, the year when the author left The Business Times. Teh Hooi Ling moved away from the nitty gritty of investing to grow wealth in the earlier three volumes to looking at philosophical aspects of investing and psychology of investor mindsets in this book. Ethics in business is also featured prominently in her book. At an individual level, Teh Hooi Ling shared her philosophies of life that are just as important as amassing wealth. What is the use of wealth, when one is unethical and not moral in the pursuit of lives?

Book 4 is about Big Ideas. It was academic in nature with many references to written research papers and published works and books by well-known writers. It can be difficult to hold readers’ attention. Ultimately, if one is to use his understanding of the written material, can one make money out of his investing journey?

I like the section on Financial Crisis – Global and Eurozone. The writer gave a good analysis of the financial crises faced by the world starting with 2007/8 Global Financial Crisis. There are many lessons learned in that super crisis and also the Eurozone credit crisis that has yet to be resolved fully.

The book is not current since the articles were written up to August 2013. Three years of financial upheavals continued up to 2016. That is the trouble with publishing books. By the time the book is launched, it is already dated. Because the book is published by Straits Times Press, I can understand that articles are publishable based on Teh Hooi Ling’s work in Singapore Press Holdings. Credit is given for the author to add minor updates to some articles to bring in latest materials on the same topics.

In this last volume, the author shared a bit of her life philosophies. This is a refreshing change from the heavy stuff of investing, making and managing money. I agreed with her on what she had written.file_000

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