Writing Journals

If you are like me who has a short-term memory, you can forget the past quite easily. My recall of past events, like where I went for lunch a few days ago, what did I eat that day, was a blur. I can even forget the year when I went for a particular overseas trip. I can navigate the roads to get to a new place now, but in a few weeks time I would forget how to get there without the help of a map. I do not have the memory of an elephant. It is transient. Is this a good thing? I know I can live in the moment. Fortunately I am not working now and I can live like this without worries of my progress in my career.

When I was younger, we wrote diaries. We captured the day’s events and emotions on paper. But this was not kept up when I got busy. I started writing blog in 2006. Since then, I have been writing. This is one way to capture the day, the moment on record. I know that this will help me in my recall of memories into the future. This is how Living Investment was started. I compiled the entries into two books. Reading them brought back memories.

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One Response to Writing Journals

  1. Jared-SMOL says:

    Hello Living Investment 道兄,

    The ability to forget is a blessing, provided its not dementia.

    If a person can remember every wrong or slight others have given him, he lives a tortured life.


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