I Remember – A recollection of memories of past

I started this “I Remember” narratives many years ago but the contents were never published. I start with this first one. It is meant to be historical going back to my growing up years as I remember them. As one gets older, memories of past can get hazy and sometimes may not be completely accurate.

I remember when I was a small boy, I was frail, thin and undernourished. I am truly small sized compared with the rest of the boys of my age.

I stayed in a 3-room rental flat at Block 60 Ganges Avenue, 44-C, Singapore 0316. This flat was known as Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) flat, built after the Japanese Occupation by the Government then. The old numbering system of naming the level of flat was Ground Floor is given just the number 44, second storey is given the alphabet 44-A, 44-C is therefore 4 storey high. The postal code has since changed from 4-number system to the current 6-number system in 1995. They dropped the first 2 digits of the 4-number system and add 4 additional numbers to the last 2 digits in the current system.

The flat I stayed in had poor day-light. The kitchen cabinet was dark and damp and the cockroaches multiplied in great number. The cockroaches grew quite a size and always flew in the flat. I hated the thorny legs of these cockroaches and they looked really ugly. They created a phobia for me and up to these days I still hate them.

When I was young, I remembered that my mother would wake me up at about 5 am and brought me to the polyclinic at Prince Phillip Road waiting in the queue. My mother wanted to be among the first to see the doctor on duty. This seemed to happen very often. I took so much medicine when I was young that I wonder whether this had an impact on my poor health in adult life.

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2 Responses to I Remember – A recollection of memories of past

  1. Ren Lee says:

    Just curious if you remembered an old song on TV that begins with “Sing a song of Singapore, Sing with joy and ease….’. Usually played around the 6pm anthem.

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