“This was a Man” by Jeffrey Archer – A Book Review

I read all and This was a Man is the last and the seventh volume of the Clifton Chronicles. I had followed the stories of Barrington and the Clifton families written by Jeffrey Archer from the time in 1920 to 1992. It traced how both families were connected from the time Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington were born in 1920.

Two important pieces of information were revealed in this final volume: the truth of whether Arthur Clifton (father of Harry) was indeed in the double bottom of SS Maple Leaf and secondly and more important one is whether Harry Clifton and his wife Emma Barrington shared the same father (Hugo Barrington).

Aside from the above, I find the last volume can be dispensed with. The chronicles could be dealt with in just six volumes. Too many pages were devoted to Lady Virginia Fenwick in this volume which frankly is not critical to the stories. It is like a subsidiary story with Lady Virginia as the lead. Having said this, it was still interesting to read about this woman without morals out to cheat to feed her lifestyle.

This last volume started in 1978 and mapped out their lives from then to 1992. Read the ending and let the author transports us back to the growing up years and the lasting friendship of Giles Barrington and Harry Clifton.file_000

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