This Rooster Year has significance

My father was born in the Year of Rooster in 1909. The Chinese zodiac sign for 2017 is the Rooster. I would have gone through five cycles of 12 zodiac animals before Rooster comes around again. This means that I would be 60 years old this year.

60 is a milestone. Being 60, you are officially a Senior Citizen. You are entitled to have Senior Citizen Concession Card for concession travel on public transport.

In the past, 60 years old birthday was celebrated big. (六十 大寿) I do not feel anything different. 60 is just a number I would cross over this year. Each year lived well is more important than the arbitrary figure. Do I feel older? Yes, from the perspective of my body ageing. The skins wrinkle and there are more aches and pains. Accepting ageing is a first step for a peace of mind.

We find opportunity and reason to celebrate an occasion. So, being 60 is that reason. When I was growing up, I could not imagine reaching 60. Time waits for no one. As I get older, I begin to reminisce about my past life experiences. I ask myself, “Have I lived a worthwhile life?” As I move on, I wish to live in the moment and to lead a wholesome life. Live a life without regrets.

In this Rooster Year, wishing all good health and happiness!

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