What has changed during this Chinese New Year?

I kept receiving videos of Chinese New Year greetings this year. The same videos get circulated by different people. Since I am on Whatsapp this year, I have different chat groups and I got more such videos this time around compared to past years.

I remember in the past CNYs, we sent out greeting cards to friends days before the actual day. Then it changed to electronic cards. Now video greetings are common. I must add that once I had seen one video, subsequent one did not evoke the same excitement. I continued to create my own e-card because I felt it was more personal.

On the first day of CNY, family members had lunch at my mother’s home. This had been a tradition. Every CNY, we would have steam-boat. Since we have 34 people in a small house, we had to split up and eat in two sittings. This year, we broke tradition. We organised a caterer to set up buffet-style food. Now we were able to eat at the same time. We did not have to wait for our turns to sit around a table. I think it is a good idea and there is less work in preparing the food ourselves.

Some tradition we did not break. We still had our longevity noodle and two eggs and this still tasted real good.


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