De-clutter your home

We have been reducing stuff in our home. We gave up things when we did not need them. We will not buy something unless we need it. These are the basic principles of keeping our home clutter free.

To us, space is a premium in our home since we live in a small place. In addition, it is aesthetic to see less clutter in the house, a minimalist look to the place.

We create space in our wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves, table tops and drawers by reducing things and putting things away neatly. To do the latter, one can consider investing in containers, boxes, and files. When we put away things consistently in a specific place, it helps us to retrieve the items when we need them. This is especially important when one gets older and our memories are not that good.

Let me suggest some practical examples. I learned about a few recently.

  1. Remove shirts and pants hanging in a wardrobe that we have not been wearing for a long while. Fold them and stack them flat in the cupboard. This creates hanging space.
  2. I used to stack current and KIV papers and documents on the table. Each time I wanted to retrieve a particular document, I would have to search for it in the stack. It is all too time-consuming. Instead of lying flat on the table, I bought a plastic holder to help me place these files and documents upright.
  3. Buy some arch files and file away documents and letters as soon as they are dealt with. Do not let them lying around in a pile and soon these items would be forgotten.

To de-clutter the home does not require some consultants to help us. All we need is a mindset of not to hoard things. Instead, we should be ruthless in removing things that we do not need and give them up to charity. At the same time, we should stop buying things unless they are needed for practical living. This way we not only save money, we have more space in our homes.file_000-1

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