There was a hive of activities this morning.

We were walking towards Lorong 4 market, Toa Payoh, this Sunday morning. To our surprise, we witnessed a group of elderly people doing directed stretching-exercises beside the outdoor exercise equipment. This was not common. I thought this was a good activity. As we moved towards the market, we saw a group of people gathered at the carpark fronting Block 73. This was unusual. My wife remarked that probably it was a visit by a MP to this area.

She was correct. The minister who is also the MP appeared at the car park moment later. Cameras flashed and the group welcomed the minister. The minister then proceeded on the walk-about.

By the time I left the market, there were people already using the outdoor exercise equipment. The elderly people were guided by younger individuals on the use of this equipment.

This appeared to be an orchestrated event. It was not common weekly occurrences. My wish is that MPs of the precinct should see the real situations of their wards. There should not be padding by grassroot members to throw a favourable light for the MPs to see. In this way, improvements and changes can come about. I think that MPs and ministers know that these things happen. So each time when an MP or a minister visit, there is no need to prepare the ground. Let him/her see the true thing.

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