Change in Asset Mix of Investable Funds – April 2017

I reviewed my portfolio and did two major actions since the start of this year.

  1. I sold off all foreign currency denominated investments.
  2. I invested in a corporate bond to bring my exposure to fixed income investments to 47% of total portfolio.

I reduced my equity exposure to 21.0% down 3.5 percentage points.

The insurance related investments still remain at 10.3%.

Cash and cash equivalent was reduced to 21.7% after putting more into the corporate bond above.

Asset Mix in percentages (%) Dec 2016 Apr 2017 Change
Equities 24.5 21.0 -3.5
Fixed Income/Bonds 26.1 47.0 +20.9
Forex related investments 7.8 0.0 -7.8
Insurance related investments 10.3 10.3 +0.0
Cash & Equivalent 31.3 21.7 -9.6

With 47.0% in fixed income investments, I was aiming for more stable interest income. This is a more cautious portfolio mix when compared with a more volatile equity investments. I am at this stage of my investment life cycle in trying to reduce volatility in investment income.

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