“The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling – A Book Review

J.K. Rowling was Harry Potter creator. I read and watched the whole Harry Potter series. Stories of Harry Potter were magical and imaginative. The Casual Vacancy is a break from Rowling’s well-known style in Harry Potter. This novel is for adult audience instead of for young readers.

The setting is in an English small town. This is a fictional story of a society that is real and authentic. It is about human relationships and failings of human characters. It is about “they and us” tussle and getting people down for personal gains. It is about ‘not in my backyard” mentality of some of these parochial and unsympathetic long-time residents of this small town. You read about revenge, about all the ills and immoral behaviours of living in a modern society. You read about tragedies and it saddened me to see that there can be no happy endings for the underprivileged class. This novel exposes all that can possibly happen in our society.

The story-teller J.K. Rowling kept me reading until the last page. After reaching the half-way mark of the book, I pushed on earnestly to read how the stories of different individuals would end. It was captivating just like how I wanted to reach the end of all her Harry Potter stories.

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