Can we be more considerate?

On a Sunday, I was driving my car in a car park and came to a stop behind another car. The driver of the car suddenly reversed at fast speed. I could not prevent this car from crashing into the front of my car. What happened next was ridiculous. The male passenger came out of the car and was aggressive towards us. I was with my family, so was he. His wife was the driver. He said that the car had already come to a stop and its hazard light was switched on. I should not have come so close to the car and the accident was my fault.

His car back bumper was scratched slightly, whereas my front bumper and number plate took the knock more obviously than his car. What I did not understand was the aggressive behaviour of the husband. It was as if I was totally at fault! I was prepared to let the matter rest. But he insisted that we should exchange ICs. His wife was more reasonable and said that it was our bad lucks that this minor accident happened at the car park. We then parted without anyone taking any action of reporting the accident.

I reflected since the incident. The aggression shown was something that I was not expecting. I was actually expecting an apology. How can someone reverse a car without regard to obstacles or cars behind it and at such a fast speed? At the end, a person’s personality shows when he becomes the aggressor. When a person gets angry, it gets in the way to resolve the situation.

I am thinking how nice it would be when this world has more people who are considerate.

Always think of others and less of oneself.
Always make things more pleasant for others.
Better still do these without the other party knowing about it.
Make our world a kinder place to live in.

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1 Response to Can we be more considerate?

  1. Peter Tan says:

    In my humble opinion, I think you were taken advantage of. If the car reversed and hit you, it is their fault. The only issue is that do you have a camera to record this. If so, you are totally in the right and they should pay for your car repair. By being aggressive, he threw you off balance and as a result, you did not press him to pay for the damages he did to your car. In fact you even felt relieved when he left.

    Some people use aggressiveness to get themselves out of trouble.

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