I Remember – You will know this special bond …

When I first held my daughter in my arm, she opened her eyes slightly and looked at me briefly out of the corners of her eyes. There was this special bond felt right at that moment. That was many years ago.

Back then there were no baby bonus or government incentives for having a child, not like now. The only decision we had to make was whether my wife and I were ready to raise a child. Bringing up a child was a responsibility that could not be taken lightly. It could not be delegated. We were both working and were in our prime of our careers (nine years after graduation) when we were ready.

When you have love in your heart, parenting can be rewarding. You would always want your child protected and shown the ways to cope with the complex world out there. It is a never ending responsibility (unless you choose to). When we get older, we become wiser because we encounter life and experience it firsthand. We pass it on to our daughter. We set examples by trying to do the right things that are moral and honest.

It is not a one-way street. As parents, we learn from our daughter. She provides the opportunities. Her actions and her psychological makeup have different perspectives, that of a young one growing up in her era different from ours. Whatever it is, it is true love that binds us together, daughter and parents.

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