“The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto” by Mitch Albom – A Book Review

Mitch Albom is a great storyteller. I have always enjoyed his books over the years. His latest novel, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, was no exception.  He had kept me turning the pages to read the life of Frankie Presto.

Over a period of 73 years (from 1936 to 2009), Mitch told the story of Frankie Presto from the time of his birth in Spain during the civil war and his musical journey until the end when he returned to his birthplace. This book revolves around music and the musical talent of Frankie Presto. Frankie played the guitar and the strings in the story are the strings of a guitar.

Everyone joins a band in this life. We cannot be alone without any social contact. From the day we were born, we were connected with different people at different times of our lives.

As you read into the story, different characters appeared at different time period. Mitch Albom then connected these characters to complete the total picture towards the end of the book. It all became clear to the reader as to the roles played in the life of Frankie Presto.

What I liked most of the story was the beautiful romance and love of Frankie with his childhood acquaintance. It was a love story that was so touching and not plain sailing. Read it for yourself to feel it.

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