Mother, Mother, Li Ho Bo*

Mother cannot hear me clearly now.

I cannot call you on the phone like I used to in the past.
I use my hands and gestures to communicate with you now.
To know how you are, I have to make a trip to your home.

You would brighten up with a smile when I stepped into your home.
When I was about to leave, you would say why not stay a bit longer?
I promised that I would come by the following week.
Then, your house would only have you and your domestic helper.

Age has caught up with mother and your children are no longer young.
We are parents now to our own child.
This is the circle of life.

When I was growing up, I took your care for granted.
Showing gratitude is not something I express well.
It is in this Asian culture, I feel awkward to openly express love and gratitude.

But what I can say is that you are in my mind stream –
May you be well and happy!


*Li Ho Bo is in Hokkien to mean “How are you?”

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