“The Gatekeeper” by Nuraliah Norasid – A Book Review

This novel won the Epigram Books Fiction Prize for 2016. The story was set in 5050 – 5117 CE, three-thousand years into the future. It is an era when human and non-human live together. Not unlike today, where there are different races, wars to grab territories, there are politics, different languages are spoken, and people escape to the underground to avoid the authority.

It is familiar and yet fantasy as we look into the future through the mind of the author. Nuraliah Norasid kept me reading till the end. It is a story of relationships and the struggle of being free of prejudice and outcasts. It is a story of trying to live with different kinds on the same land.

Nuraliah is very imaginative and creative to come up with this concept for her first novel. It has been affirmed as worthy of an award. Much research and work were evident, credit to the author. Reading till the end of the book, would you feel for the main character? I would.

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