Sustainable Development for Me

We live on this earth with finite natural resources. We owe it to future generations not to waste these natural resources resulting in less for them to tap on. We must be part of the solutions to sustain the level of natural resources that the future generations would need for their developments. This is sustainable development. Each generation looks after the next generation.

You may ask what we can do as an individual towards this cause. I say there are many actions we can take. Let me share some of my thoughts and some simple ideas.

Reduce use of energy
Start with turning off air-conditioning in your house. Use electric fans instead. You save a huge amount of electricity and pay less on electricity bills.

It was only recently that I had changed my kitchen lights from fluorescent tubes to one that uses energy-saving LED light bulb. It is now easy to change the light bulb should it needs changing in the future. That is another advantage besides saving energy.

Take public transport
Taking your car out each time when you travel waste petrol and not efficient in transportation. Take public transport like buses and MRTs instead.

Stop hacking up floorings
Often time when a new owner takes over an existing property, the new owner would do extensive renovations like hacking up the marble flooring. It is a waste of perfectly good flooring. All it needs is just a grinding and a polish job. I think we can live with some imperfections and it may not be new but it is good enough. For that matter, some people love old things.

Buy less for the wardrobe
I do not go shopping for clothes often. I use what I already have in my wardrobe. It is usually sufficient. I have no problem wearing the same outfits as long as they are clean and presentable.

Bring along a tote-bag or plastic bags to carry things home
Plastic bags are a killer for the environment. The sooner you use less the better.

Read books from the library
I like to read and our National Library carries many titles to choose from. There is no need to own a copy of the book, whether fictions or non-fictions. It is also a waste of money and you need to have book shelves to keep them.

Walk instead of taking transport
If you can walk to a destination, why not walk? It is a good form of exercises to keep you healthy. We try to do so when the weather permits, like evening when it is cooler. We walk to supermarket, to the library, and for our meals.

Bring along your containers for dabao (packing food and drinks)
Styrofoam is toxic and is hazardous waste when disposed. Yet some hawker food stalls and food outlets use these relatively cheap material for packing our food and drinks. Next time when you want to pack your food and drink to go, bring along your own containers. Do not allow a chance for Styrofoam containers to be used.

Bring along your own cutlery set when eating
Avoid using disposal chopsticks, plastic forks and spoons when eating. Bring your own cutlery set that can be washed and re-used. It is safer.

I am sure that you would have ideas of your own and we can do our parts to save natural resources and protect this earth for our next generations.

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