Places you can visit in Singapore

  1. Windsor Nature Park (New)
  2. Tree Top Walk (bridge over tree tops)

Started at Windsor Nature Park (Venus Drive) and walked towards Tree Top Walk. The journey took about an hour on the trail to reach Tree Top Walk.  We started 8.00 am from Windsor Nature Park. Tree Top Walk opens at 9 am (Monday is closed except if it is a public holiday). Make sure you check the weather forecast before you venture on this trail. We were caught in a heavy downpour on the return journey to Venus Drive. It was no fun as we were soaked through including our shoes.

Give yourself about two and a half hours for the complete journey starting at Venus Drive. (13,500 steps or 7 km length.)

Steel bridge way above tall trees. The Tree Top Walk.

New boardwalks on Windsor Nature Park

View from Tree Top Walk. You can see Upper Pierce Reservoir in the background.

3. Fort Canning Park

Today, we had cool stroll of Fort Canning Park, a park right in the city. Walking into history and heritage of Singapore. You get to know about Parameswara (that you only read in history textbook when I was young), Temasik, the Portuguese settlement, the British colonial period, etc. You get to see the Fort, the Lighthouse, the archeological finds on site, heritage trees and Spice Garden. Bring along Mopiko if you are sensitive to mosquito bites.
Free to take harvest of the Spice Garden on every Friday after 9 am.

The Flagstaff

Light House

View of Clarke Quay area and the China Town in the distance from Fort Canning Park

Steps to greenery all round


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