Why are people getting angrier and in a rush?

Is it my perception or are people getting angrier and always impatient nowadays? Are people caught up in highly stressed lives that trigger this behaviour? Is this the price people pay in a modern society? Stressed and unhappy.

We read about a couple who shoved and hurled abusive language on an elderly man in a hawker centre over a seat in the centre. If you drive on the road, you would definitely encounter road bullies. These drivers were in a rush to get to somewhere. Do a few minutes saved on a journey make a whole lot of difference to people’s lives?

Some twenty years, thirty years back, it was less hectic. We had no smartphones and no Internet. We did not live with the speed of Internet. There were lesser distractions on our times. Property prices were within our reach. Motor cars were cheaper without the COEs.

Raising a kid now is very expensive with child-care costs and tuitions. The rat-race to the top gets keener.

All these add to the stress level of people. But this does not provide people with a passport to be nasty and angry. If we live without kindness and compassion in our hearts, the society would be poorer.

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