Thrust into taking side

23 June 2016, UK held a referendum to decide whether UK remains or to exit from European Union. UK voted to exit. (Brexit)

8 November 2016, Donald Trump of the Republican Party won the Presidential election. President Trump set out to unravel policies enacted by President Barack Obama.

14 June 2017, Singapore woke up to news of siblings quarrel over 38 Oxley Road house belonging to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. One side wanted to demolish and the other side raising “grave concerns” over the preparation of LKY’s final will.

Reading news of this nature, it was difficult not to take side and to remain unaffected by which way the outcomes might be. One wishes that one could be cut off from reading this kind of news. This is not possible with the Internet, TV and the newspapers.

In this scenario, I am still trying to remain neutral and to read news without injecting my own emotions into the mix.

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