Stock index of United States of America defies gravity

Since 2008 in the thick of the Global Financial Crisis, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) had been climbing steadily.

On 2 January 2008, the Dow was 13,043 points. Now it is 21,467 points, a 65% jump in the index. The Dow touched the lowest at 8,143 points in February 2009 before climbing without a let up.

The Dow dipped twice in 10 years before 2008: 11,293 points in August 1998 and 10,264 points in September 2002. You would remember 1998 was the Asian Financial Crisis.

Month/Year Dow Remarks
Aug/1998 11,293 Asian Financial Crisis
Jan/ 2008 13,043 Global Financial Crisis
Jun/2017 21,467 Now
Jan/2018 ???

Come 2018, it would be 10 years since the Global Financial Crisis. Will the Dow continue to defy gravity? Will there be another financial/economic crisis to stop the uptrend of Dow?

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