“Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials” by Ovidia Yu – A Book Review

This the author’s second book in the series on kiasu, kaypoh Aunty Lee helping to solve crimes in Singapore. Her first book is Aunty Lee’s Delights. The main characters in the first book continue in this second fictional story. Familiarity got me into the second book very quickly.

Ovidia Yu changed her writing style from the first book. The sentences are short and to the point. It is easy to follow and quick to grasp.

Aunty Lee uses her famous Peranakan food to get her around to talk to people and get to the bottom of sudden deaths of two people during a house party. Who can refuse good food and an elderly owner of her restaurant, Aunty Lee’s Delights? Readers are introduced to the various delightful Peranakan food. These are cleverly weaved into the story.

Read this novel to the end to uncover the real culprit(s) and the motive(s) for the deaths.

kiasu – fear of losing out
kaypoh – a busybody, meddling

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