If only life can speak to you

Slow down
Keep pace with each moment
Life is a not a race
Be fully aware of what you are doing
Do you know what is happening at this present moment?

Life is ups and downs
It is not permanent
One time you are over the moon
Another time you are disturbed by unhappy thoughts
Do you know the unsatisfactoriness of living?

Actions create results
Bad actions beget bad results
Good actions beget good results
Every action of body and inner thought will ripen in the future
Do you know that now is the most important time?

Compassion brings happiness
All living beings need your compassion
They fear death and want happiness like you
Be kind to all even to somebody you dislike
Do you know what you can do to offer compassion?

Let go
Negative emotions cloud your mind
It affects your health and a hindrance
It serves no useful purpose except that it disturbs your mindfulness
Do you know that you have to work at it constantly?

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