“The Buried Giant” by Kazuo Ishiguro – A Book Review

This novel was set in Britain after the Romans had left and it was long time ago when ogres and fearful creatures and monsters still roamed free. The Britons and the Saxons were not friendly with each other at that ancient period. There were much distrust and hatred among them. It was the period of King Arthur and his knights. You get the picture of the era.

The story centred on an old loving couple Axl and Beatrice (both Britons) and their perilous journey in search for their son and their lost memories due to the mist that fell on their settlement. This mist caused them to lose memories of their past. Their search brought them to a Saxon village where they met with Warrior Wistan (a Saxon). The warrior was an important character in the story till the end.

What caused the mist? Why did the author Kazuo Ishiguro titled his novel as The Buried Giant? Did the loving couple get back their past memories? I was captivated as the story progressed.

Read it for yourself and I will not provide a spoiler alert. Is this a good ending? You find out.

A wonderfully written novel and a page turner.

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