In share investment never say, “I could have…”

Last Friday July 14, the Straits Times Index (STI) touched a 52-week new high at 3,287.43 points. A thought came to my mind and disturbed me. I was telling myself, why did I sell my shares so much earlier and missed out on making a lot more.

Let me give few examples of actual transactions.

Counter Cost of purchase Price sold Actual gain/loss Current Price Could make
UOL 5.70 5.90 3.5% 7.72 35.4%
DBS 18.06 19.30 6.8% 21.10 16.8%
UOB 19.99 21.72 8.6% 23.85 19.3%
OCBC 10.30 10.52 2.1% 11.05 7.2%

All sales were made within a year and were recent transactions.

UOL was a sad case. UOL and most property stocks were quite stagnant and not moving much because of poor property market environment in 2016. I sold off UOL in November 2016 after holding on for 3 months. I could make 35.4% if I sold them last Friday.

The three local banks were sold off when the bank shares were climbing in recent months. I should have waited. In DBS, I could make 16.8% and for UOB I could make 19.3% if I held on.

Why I did I sell off these counters, you may ask? At the start of this year, I made a strategic decision to off load shares since I was too heavily weighted in local equities. At the same time, I was picking up unit trusts that invest in Singapore equities and I was invested in STI ETF also. This way I reduce my exposure in Singapore equities and pull back some invested funds into cash.

It is always tempting to look back and say I could have done differently. This is too stressful. Once a transaction was done, then it was water under the bridge. Let it go. This is the nature of investing in stocks and shares. You make some and you lose some. Be also contented if you have made some money even it could have been more.

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One Response to In share investment never say, “I could have…”

  1. Kent Ng says:

    I hope you could have sold them in batches.

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