When I get on to be 60

Well I thought it would be a long way to it when I was growing up
It crept up on me and by the time I realise, it is round the corner
Three quarters of my life have gone by if I live to be 80

Nothing remains permanent
My physical appearance changes
I still imagine how I used to look when looking into the mirror
It is merciful that my eye-sight is not perfect to see the changes
Thinning hairs and receding hairline is the new look
Instead of being taut, the body is out of shape
I lost body mass in the wrong places
When I eat, I am careful not to bite too hard
My teeth chipped easily

I did not think I have to wear a singlet underneath my shirt
Singlet will keep me warmer in air-conditioned places
I have become like my older brother

I was conscious how people view me as a person
Reputation was important when I still had a career
It does not matter now how I dress
My past achievements were just that, past
It is not going to make any difference to my life

I start to count my money, spend them carefully
It is to last so that I do not have to depend on others
I cut back on some expenditure (goodbye TIME subscription)
I find ways to stretch my dollars
50% discount on Muji products is what I look out for

I did not expect this day can come and so soon
But I am happy that my life has been kind to me
It is a journey that once I was born I have to move on
Time waits for no one

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1 Response to When I get on to be 60

  1. You Chein says:

    A well-written piece. True to the heart and genuine.

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