Being 60

I am now 60. Call me senior. I am fine with it.

Senior is a label tied to me now with regard to government policies on aging. I am part of this statistics.

I am happy that I reached this age. With age I see people around me growing up. I see an ever-changing world. I lived through crises and good times. I realise how it might be like for my parents and older siblings living through it. I am always the youngest in the family. We all crossed 60 in our own quiet ways. It was like an anti-climax, a non-event.

At the end of the day, 60 is just a milestone. It is an artificially demarcated timeline. It is nice to cross this arbitrary number. It is just a moment to live through.

What now when I cross 60?

For one, I can look forward to receiving PAssion Silver Concession Card to enjoy concessionary fares on public transport. This helps to reduce my public transport cost by 25%. I can get my senior’s discounts on groceries bought from NTUC Fairprice and Giants. These would be easier on my wallet.

As I move on, I remember so many people whom I met along the way. They had been kind and were there when I needed them. Life is like a big classroom where I learn how to live by real-life lessons taught to me. I reminisced more in recent years and recorded all these in my blog posts (so called memoirs). I do not wish to lose these memories.

What is truly important is acceptance of it and as someone said, “carry on”.

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