“The Corsican Caper” by Peter Mayle – A Book Review

The same main characters of “The Vintage Caper” continue in “The Corsican Caper”. Sam Levitt and Elena Morales are good friends of billionaire Francis Reboul who lives in Le Palais du Pharo in Marseille. Le Pharo is a desirable residence that Oleg Vronsky, a super rich Russian, was eyeing to get Francis Reboul to sell it to him. When Reboul refused even with large sum of money dangled at him, that was when criminal option was considered by Vronsky.

How would Francis Reboul respond to this threat? Can he get away from the Russian way of brutality? Is Sam Levitt able to devise a plan to get his friend from danger?

Peter Mayle, in his straightforward style, is ingenious in the story line. It is fresh and easy to grasp the plots and the actions. It is subtly humourous despite a crime story at that. The writer brings out the best of France with its food, wine and places of interest. You get to know about Corsica by reading this novel. Corsica was chosen to carry out the act of crime by the Russians, hence the title “The Corsican Caper”.

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