I Remember – National Day Parade in 1971

Back in 1971 when I was still in Secondary 2 some 46 years ago, I was in the Red Cross contingent for National Day Parade. Not everyone had the honour to participate in a National Day Parade. In Gan Eng Seng School, the Red Cross Society had a reputation for marching precision. As students we were quite good.

The National Day Parade was held at the Padang. We marched pass the City Hall steps and then moved on to a route where people gathered along the route to see us really closed up.

I remember that we had to stay quite still in the Padang for the proceedings to start. Our fear then was fainting while waiting. Good thing I did not faint. At 14 years old, it was an achievement to participate in this important event of the nation. I did not think too much about it back then except that I was relieved that it was over. There were too many practices and rehearsals.

This special event was mentioned in my Secondary School Leaving Certificate. That was nice. Now, I see that National Day Parade was such a big thing. I watched each NDP on television without fail. Getting a ticket for the parade on the actual day is a draw of the luck.

So for this 52nd National Day Parade, we will be seeing it on the TV. Happy National Day this coming 9 August 2017! The nation will be 52 years old!

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