My Wish for Singapore

Regardless of race, language or religion,
I said this pledge when I was able to read and write.
My relationships with people are not defined by who they are.
We are just part of the human race.

What is important for me is whether we are considerate towards each other.
Do we think of others with each action we take?
Whenever I eat at a food court I push in the chair when I leave the table.
I clean up the table around me to leave it clean for the next user.

Are we patient with people around you?
Do we give them space?
Do we smile at people whom you meet often?
Are we friendly?

As the nation gets richer, we still feel we have not got enough.
Is wealth so important as to override relationships?
Do we see our aged parents often?
Is our mental well being relegated to second place?

My wish is for people to be more compassionate.
Can we do more for the less fortunate?
Give some of your time for them.
Can we be less litigious?

So as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.
With prosperity and progress are we truly happy?
We can work on this more.
Happy 52nd National Day!

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